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About Our Founder


Jamie Smith Helper is an artist and entrepreneur whose journey to green living began over a dozen years ago.  She recalls, “I had some recurring health issues and I asked my doctor if changing my diet might help. He laughed at me.”  Jamie changed her diet anyway, and when her health problems disappeared and didn’t come back, she delved eagerly into experimenting in her first laboratory – her own body.  “I tried all kinds of remedies out on myself, and on anyone else who would let me”, she laughs.  “I didn’t kill anyone, and a lot of it worked!”


            The ensuing years brought an increasing awareness that what we put onto, as well as into our bodies affect us.  “I had my first child, and of course you want to do everything just right.  Most of the baby-care products were petroleum-based, or the natural ones were really expensive.”  She began to make herbal and skin-care products for her family at home, but found that her “baby-care” products were coveted by the adults around her as well. When the demand from friends and family grew beyond what she could supply in her spare time, Heirloom Botanicals was born.


             Jamie researched the chemistry and biology of skin care, and utilized extensive empirical product testing on her extended family and friends to develop a line of natural and organic skin care products.  Heirloom Botanicals products truly are “all natural”, unlike many other store brands that make this claim. They contain absolutely no harsh chemicals or artificial colors or fragrances, and are sourced from and packaged with sustainable, renewable and recyclable resources. “Creating Heirloom Botanicals embodied so much of what I felt, and still believe, about our relationship with ourselves and the earth,” Jamie reflects.  “The development of this business fostered my independence and creativity.  As a woman, that is very important to me.  But it’s also important that my products nourish my customers, improve the health of their skin, and leave a small footprint on the earth.”


             Heirloom Botanicals products are available at www.heirloombotanicals.com and at various conscientious retailers throughout the Tristate area.  “Your skin is the largest organ your body has; if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, it shouldn’t go on your skin”, says Smith-Helper with a smile. “I take pride in making good food for the skin.”


            Jamie Smith-Helper holds a BA from Yale University and lives in a renovated farmhouse in Livingston Manor, NY with her three children, two cats, lots of deer and an occasional bear.  She may be reached by email at jamiehelper@heirloombotanicals.com.

 hand made herbal skin care products utilizing organic herbs, natural ingredients, pure essential oils & cold pressed oils; heirloombotanicals.com meets all of your natural skin care needs.